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Cheese #4 (Fromager d’Affinois).

Next on our list was a cheese recommended by Michelle who works the cheese counter at whole foods. She actually had a little sign in front of as her employee choice. Fromager d’Affinois is like a brie but not technically a brie. It’s a double cream soft cheese with an edible rind and unlike some […]

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No crust quiche.

I love basic recipes/formulas that have a million possibilities and this no crust quiche is one of them. The no crust part makes it a low calorie yet high protein breakfast (whole pie: 830 cal. 55 g. protein). Since there are three of us I divided it into six portions so we could have it […]

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A French spinach soup.

I found/snagged this book from and old box in my Moms basement while we were back home in Kansas. When we returned to Vegas I opened up the book to see if there was anything in there that I could make for dinner with our limited groceries as we tried to eat up a lot […]

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