Chicken roll with homegrown sprouts.

homegrown sprouts

For some reason I’m not much of a chicken person. To many weird parts I think. Though every once in a while I try it out again. I didn’t follow this recipe perfectly sauce wise but it came out fantastic nonetheless. You can find the original amaretto chicken recipe here.

homegrown sprouts

Growing sprouts is so simple its funny. I bought this large sprouting jar from a neighborhood herb shop for maybe like 7 bucks. You can just buy the lids but slapping them on a normal quart jar will limit the amount of sprouts you will yield. I’ve sprouted several things but alfalfa is still my favorite. They make any sandwich a thousand times better adding a nice crunch and some good live nutrition. Sprouts also work nicely as a bed for almost any main dish to rest on.

I basically drop a couple tablespoons of seeds into the jar rinse them a few times then fill it up a third of the way and let it sit overnight. Alfalfa seeds are so tiny that they really only need about 5 hours of this initial soak. In the morning I dump out the water then rinse a couple times pouring out the final rinse (kinda gently here folks). Setting them in a bowl tilled downward (70°) so the remaining water can flow out. I then cover the jar with a towel so no light gets in. This is where I usually head to work. When I get home I repeat this rinse/drain process. I’ll do this two more days but on the last day I keep the towel off to let the sprouts green up a little (sunshine but not direct light). Once there ready I pull them out and rinse several times in a big bowl until most the brown seeds shells that rise to the top are gone. Put them in a container in the fridge and they are good for the week. They grow so quickly its cool for kids (and adults) to see nature and creation happen so quickly right before your eyes.

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Tarragon cream salad dressing.

This dressing has an Asian flavor and comes across less heavy as our normal American creamy salad dressings. I love it and have made it several several times. The girls both like it too. Do try!

Our dog Dotty went through a period of a couple days where every time she went outside she came back in smelling horrible. Like she found the smelliest pile of leaves and dirt to roll around in and rub her cute little head in. So she spent a lot of time here in the sink getting bathed.

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Kale chips.

I’ve seen kale chips at the front checkout of Whole Foods several times and really wanted to try them. They cost like $5 for a small bag and to me that’s way excessive. This is one of those things where I look at it like, I could make those for next to nothing and easily, no way am I buying those. Yet at the same time I want to buy a bag for comparison alone. In the end J was no fan, Z was ok with them giving them a weak thumbs up and I just think I left them in the oven a bit too long. I stepped away for a second and that’s all it took. So keep an eye on them once the 15 minute mark hits.

I love the rich purples in vegetables. This kale is beautiful.

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