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Simple cabbage soup.

We watched Forks Over Knives the other night on Netflix. The information wasn’t really anything new but it did make me want to cut down on all the dairy we eat around here. We don’t eat a ton of meat but I’d also like to cut that down and possibly completely out. I’ve been reading […]

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Butternut squash soup + roasted seeds.

J’s client Lisa gave her this recipe a few weeks back and we finally got around to making it. It’s a pretty simple recipe with the most intense part being the pealing seeding and chopping up of the actual squash. If I could find organic pre-chopped butternut squash my life would be perfect. Actually, I […]

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Corn chowder.

One thing is for certain, I LOVE corn. No matter yellow or white just as long as its sweet. I can probably put it into just about anything. Burritos, sushi, mashed potatoes, I’ve put it in spaghetti and would even consider sweet corn ice cream. I’m sure J is thanking her lucky stars we don’t […]

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