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No crust quiche.

I love basic recipes/formulas that have a million possibilities and this no crust quiche is one of them. The no crust part makes it a low calorie yet high protein breakfast (whole pie: 830 cal. 55 g. protein). Since there are three of us I divided it into six portions so we could have it […]

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Whole wheat pita bread.

I’ve attempted pita bread once or twice before but this time it came out wonderful and well deserving of write up (100th post!). They weren’t perfect in shape (there were no flawless circles here) but in taste, consistency and wrapability they were pretty much spot on. Even the couple I forgot to take out in […]

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Hummus and the secret.

Ever try to make your own hummus at home and it comes out like a garbanzo bean mash, yellow and grainy. Not that same rich and creamy dip you get at the fancy Mediterranean restaurant down the street. I’ve been searching for a recipe to this style of hummus for years trying just about everything. […]

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