Raw pear frosty.

I love seeing the speckles of goodness through the side of the “fancy” blue glass.

Our second raw food recipe picked from Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen, by Ani Phyo was her pear frosty which also came out tasting purely awesome to me but the girls had different thoughts. J actually just said it was weaker on flavor then she’d expected but on a second taste (in a fancier glass) she said it was good. But then again she didn’t drink anymore after that. But then again she’s not much of a chugger. I didn’t have any vanilla bean so I just used about a 1/4 t. vanilla extract instead. The foamy, somewhat chalky/powdery texture with the vanilla and crushed ice instantly brought on memories of sipping on an orange julius as a kid. How can that not be good? I have to say raw foods just taste so bright and fresh it’s like I can actually feel the nutrients in the food absorbing into my body and energizing me. Love it!

Again, I adore the fact that this is so simple and seriously quick. Pears, dates, vanilla bean, water and blend. Add ice and blend. That’s it! One thing I notice about this book is that almost all the recipes call for a cup or two of dates and organic dates are EXPENSIVE. But they sure are tasty and little Z cant keep her hands out of the date jar. I guess if it keeps her hands out of the cookie jar that’s a good thing.

Raw Pear Frosty

This recipe is from a new book I picked up called Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen, by Ani Phyo. Makes four servings.

2 ripe organic pears seeded and quartered
1/2 c. pitted dates
1/2 vanilla bean
2 c. spring water
1 c. ice

Blend pears, dates, vanilla bean, and water until smooth. Add ice and blend for another 10 seconds. Serve right away or keep for up to three days in the fridge.

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  1. Posted November 23, 2010 at 8:35 am | Permalink

    That’s gorgeous! I’d love to drink one of those after a workout.

  2. Posted November 23, 2010 at 9:02 am | Permalink

    Stephanie – Thanks! Perfect for after a workout! I’m really digging your blog by the way and thanks for the twitter linkage. Appreciate it!