Grandpa Fisher (1924-2011).

Grandpa Fisher and me.

My Grandpa was one of the most humble and gentile men to ever walk God’s great earth. He served the Lord as a Reverend for over 50 years of his life and worked on the board of the Topeka Rescue Mission for many many years helping those less fortunate. He drove a yellow school bus and was once pulled over only to be told his driving was most excellent. When I was a kid he would take me and an old loaf of bread to the park in one of his 5 (red) Volkswagen bugs to feed the ducks. On Saturdays he and my Grandma would tote me all over town going from one thrift store/flea market to the next and I haven’t been able to shake that obsession ever since and wouldn’t even want too if I could, they called it slumming. That’s what they loved to do and they did it well. As my uncle Henry mentioned at the funeral Grandpa was like a big kid, always cracking corny jokes and acting silly, never taking things/himself too seriously. We could all learn a thing or two from him. He was 87 and died peacefully in his sleep, who could ask for more. Grandpa we love and miss you and your style.

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