Glazed carrots.

Glazed, what and awesome word, anything glazed just sounds wonderful. This recipe for glazed carrots calls for 1/2 c. cider and 1/4 c. veggie stock, I didn’t have cider so I ended up using 1/4 c. applesauce and 1/2 c. stock. I ended up switching up the amounts since the applesauce wasn’t really a liquid and I figured it needed more “juice” to reduce (in my mind it made sense). The recipe also called for the carrots to be cut into julienne strips (matchstick sized pieces). I tried that for about 3 minutes before I could see mine were not uniform at all and it was just a wreak. I also thought I might loose a finger in my attempts. I personally love carrots cut that way but I’ve never attempted to do it myself and let’s say there must be an easier way, if anyone knows please step forward. I just decided to cut the carrots in half and quickly slice them with a slicer, all uniform half coins, easy peasy, done. We ate these with some homemade creamy scalloped potatoes, everything being a big hit. Veggie whole food goodness all around. I’ll be posting the potato recipe next time we make it. Little Z ate a ton of these (note to self).

We found the awesome “glazed” metal bowl (above) at savers thrift store this weekend. Also snagged that little bread loaf baking dish I was talking about in the previous post. Good eye J!

Glazed Carrots

Makes 4 small sides, 2 large.

1 lb organic carrots
4 c. water
1 oz. butter
1 T. turbinado sugar, blended into a fine powder
1/2 c. cider
1/4 c. organic vegetable stock or water
1 t. Dijon mustard
1 T. fresh chopped organic parsley, I used dry equivalent

Julienne the carrots (I cut them into half coins). Melt butter in skillet then toss in the carrots and saute for 4 -5 minutes. Add sugar and cook one minute more. Add cider and stock and bring to a boil then add in the mustard. Partially cover and cook for another 12 minutes until the liquid thickens into a nice syrup. Plate and sprinkle the parsley over top.

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