Cucumbers and dill.

This is a simple side that requires only a few ingredients most folks have around the kitchen, the key here is drying out the cucumber slices for a good minute so they are not so crisp. I cut up these cucumbers right before going to the gym so when I got back they would be good to go. If you like cucumbers you pretty much can’t go wrong with this side dish. J and Z both gave it the thumbs up and I pretty much like everything so that’s a given. Apparently these are great for little brown bread sandwiches, a traditional English tea-time snack. J actually pointed out a tiny ceramic bread baking dish at the thrift store last weekend and I was like, nah I don’t have any real use for it right now. Of course a few days later I’m wanting to make a tiny loaf of brown bread. Hopefully it’s still there this weekend, fingers crossed.

Layering the cucumbers in a colander, salting each layer and letting them sit for up to 2 hours will get the cucumbers dried out a bit and less crisp. I let mine sit for an 1 1/2 hours. I wouldn’t go over two.

They will still be very wet when the time is up so drying them between towels is a must.

Cucumbers and Dill

Makes enough side dishes for 4 – 5 good people, I halved the recipe for our small family.

2 organic cucumbers, sliced thin
sea salt and fresh cracked pepper
2/3 c. sour cream
2 T. fresh dill, I used 1 T. dried

Start by slicing the cucumbers thin. Layer the cucumbers in a colander, sprinkling a little sea salt over top before starting each layer and finally sprinkling over top of last layer. Place colander on a plate and let sit for no more than 2 hours. I did it for about an hour and a half. Mix sour cream, dill and pepper in a small bowl. Remove cucumbers from colander and lay out on towels to dry off completely. Mix cucumbers with sour cream mix. Top with more dill and pepper and salt to taste if you need too. A great little side.

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