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Walk up window food night.

Every time we go to luv-it custard we drive by this little Venezuelan shop. It’s ALWAYS packed with people and we always say we need to try it but never remember. Well last night J remembered! It sits on Las Vegas Blvd. with several tables outside. It serves up arepas which are little sandwiches, empanadas […]

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Roberto’s and a movie.

Roberto’s is a cheap and tasty 24/7 taco shop that seems to be on every corner of town. Of course there is one at the end of our block and every once in awhile we like to hop in the bug and grab some grub as a family. When we’re with Z she insists we […]

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A very fine morning.

We have glass blocks in our bedroom walls and throughout the day we get some nice rainbows that beam across the room. This morning they were strong as J was stirring in bed. J pulled out the pics we took in a photo booth at the wedding last night. Z was enjoying the sight of […]

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