Walk up window food night.

Every time we go to luv-it custard we drive by this little Venezuelan shop. It’s ALWAYS packed with people and we always say we need to try it but never remember. Well last night J remembered! It sits on Las Vegas Blvd. with several tables outside. It serves up arepas which are little sandwiches, empanadas and some other goodies and snacks. We asked some people that were eating there what to order and they said everything is awesome but recommended several of the arepas. We got the vegetarian, the shrimp and the chicken/avocado. They were all excellent, we will be returning for sure.

The shrimp was the best of the three sandwiches hands down.

Luv-it custard is located right off the blvd. too and has THE BEST pumpkin custard EVER. The place has a constant flow of people and for good reason.

They rotate the specialty flavors so you have to go online to see what will be served that day. You can’t just get pumpkin everyday of the week. Butter Pecan is pretty awesome too.

There are always strange people to watch as you sit outside and eat your custard. The later you go the weirder it gets.

We popped the back of the mini-van and enjoyed our cones and people watching.

I love those big beautiful green eyes and little elf ears. Speaking of love, J pointed out how funny it was that both places above had love in the name.

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