Mates of State, 3 nights at the Cosmopolitan.

This was an awesome three nights of Mates of State (two one hour sets each night), a band we all adore around this house. Uber Legitimate was actually the only song we had planned to play on our wedding day but I forgot to bring the CD player, a touchy subject to this day. They crammed in tons of songs for each set and even though there was a lot of repeats it was honestly enjoyable every time. We met some new friends and got to see that there are some real honest to goodness MOS fans here in Vegas who showed up to all six show like we did. We were dancing all around and having an awesome time each and every night. THANK YOU MATES OF STATE!

Kori is very sweet and runs a popular little blog herself about juggling a band (with her husband Jason) and having two little kids.

Here’s the song from our wedding I was talking about. It’s off of their sophomore album Our Constant Concern.

Mates of State - Uber Legitimate
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