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Smoothie pops!

Smoothie pops rock! I found these popsicle molds at walfarts for about $2. Now little Z and J can eat a super healthy snack that will also help them stay cool by the pool as these Las Vegas days begin to heat up. All organic and all fresh whole food ingredients. You can’t beat that […]

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The playroom at the gym where I drop little Z has a couple of girls from Bulgaria Bosnia and Yugoslavia that call me the “cooker man” in a loud and thick accented voice when I walk in the door. That is almost always followed with “what are you cooking tonight cooker man?”. So I respond […]

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Spankin good spanakopita – spinach pie.

What can I say, this house loves Greek food. Every year we hit the Greek food festival devouring some of our favorite foods, spanakopita, tiropita, and baklava. I bought some phyllo dough the other day and was itching to use it and there could be no better way than some of our favorites. So I […]

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