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Raw chocolate almond truffles.

More raw goodness here with these little truffles I found on foodgawker. Simple quick and healthy and a great snack for the little ones. J was alright with them (the dry cocoa powder covering them threw her off I think) but Z gobbled ’em up! I usually don’t like cocoa mixed with dates to make/fake […]

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Watermelon salad.

J found this bowl at the Salvation Army for cheap! Watermelon salad is freaking awesome. I’ve already been to the store and back to get more watermelon just because. So you know how you put salt on watermelon anyway? Well this is just like that on crack. Feta cheese, fresh parsley, walnuts, a simple lemon […]

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Cashew chicken II.

The search for the perfect cashew chicken continues. This one was a bit further off the mark but good non the less. As far as the leftovers test goes this dish had none, that’s a good thing. The picture from the recipe I used looked a lot more like Archie’s amazing sauce/gravy that I’m looking […]

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