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Raw almond ginger sushi.

I wanted to post these sushi/nori rolls from Ani’s book so bad so I did a quick search to see if it’s already out on the internet to make sure I’m not posting her whole friggin book on my blog. Since Ani herself has a video posted of this recipe I figure it’s not gonna […]

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Tempeh with tonkatsu sauce and spaghetti.

I recently returned to a blog I used to follow back when I first started reading them called JeanSnow.net. He writes about Japanese design and culture. I remember he used to have an obsession with ramen noodles. Not the cup-o-soup kind but more like what would be served at a restaurant. It made me really […]

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California hand roll – sushi.

This has to be one of the easiest ways to get your sushi fix. I made it with and without “sushi rice” and it’s great either way. I like it just fine without making the vinegar/sugar mixture for the sushi rice and if you eliminate that you eliminate calories, prep time, and kitchen mess. Five […]

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