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Back in the day my mom and I would mow lawns over the summers for extra money. My brother did it before me and the job was eventually handed down though there were times where we all three worked together. It was awesome for me as a kid because we would split the money 50/50 […]

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Cheese enchiladas & enchiladas verdes.

J’s been busting my butt about going to Macayo’s Mexican restaurant for their enchiladas. She usually gets one Baja style (green) and one regular cheese. I must admit, enchiladas have always been one of my favorite Mexican dinners so I can totally relate. Enchiladas are always good in my book, even when their bad. Some […]

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Sweet and savory crepes.

These were actually super easy and tasted great. I LOVE crepes, my favorite being savory so these cheesy veggie crepes were perfect. I ended up making a sweet version for little Z in case she wasn’t up for stinky cheese crepes first thing in the morning. She loved them and asked where I got the […]

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