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Cheese #8 (Holland Red Wax Gouda).

This Holland red wax Gouda is one of the less expensive cheeses at Whole Foods. Michelle from behind the counter said it was a great choice and that tons of her customers loved it. She said it sells faster than she can wrap it. All are in agreement in this household, this Gouda is Gooda […]

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Cheese #7 (Pinna Ricotta Salata).

A dried aged ricotta, new to me. Intriguing to say the least so we’re giving it a whirl. I was told it’s good for baking so that’s the plan. Upon unwrapping I gave it a tasty tasty. Dry yet moist, crumbly like feta with a nice mild saltiness. Made from sheep’s milk I couldn’t wait […]

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Cheese #3 (Cowgirl Creamery – Organic Buckaroo)

I went into whole foods to get cheese #3 today and met Michelle. She was a very nice and knowledgeable lady. I asked her to show me her organic cheeses so she started pointing out a couple of prepackaged items. I asked her about a cheese that was in a certain spot a few days […]

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