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Puffy chocolate chunk cookies.

I heart chocolate chunk cookies, seriously. Chips are good but the chunk is where it’s at. A couple days ago I promised the girls I would make some cookies and royally screwed them up. Somehow I used flour in place of sugar and well, they tasted like dirt. I had to reestablish my name in […]

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Whole wheat snickerdoodle cookies.

Needed something sweet last night so I sat down in front of the computer for a couple minutes to spark some ideas. It didn’t take long to find that inspiration. SNICKERDOODLES! Since starting to use whole wheat flour for everything I haven’t tried anything sweet yet. Sarah at work today told me that your not […]

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Good ol no bake cookies.

What can I say, its J’s fault. She made me do it, and I thank her! These little boogers hit-the-spot last night. I totally forgot how amazing these are, genius. Several cookies didn’t even make it to the solid state. They were devoured hot and gooey on the spot, with spoons no less. So easy, […]

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