Tarragon cream salad dressing.

This dressing has an Asian flavor and comes across less heavy as our normal American creamy salad dressings. I love it and have made it several several times. The girls both like it too. Do try!

Our dog Dotty went through a period of a couple days where every time she went outside she came back in smelling horrible. Like she found the smelliest pile of leaves and dirt to roll around in and rub her cute little head in. So she spent a lot of time here in the sink getting bathed.

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Kale chips.

I’ve seen kale chips at the front checkout of Whole Foods several times and really wanted to try them. They cost like $5 for a small bag and to me that’s way excessive. This is one of those things where I look at it like, I could make those for next to nothing and easily, no way am I buying those. Yet at the same time I want to buy a bag for comparison alone. In the end J was no fan, Z was ok with them giving them a weak thumbs up and I just think I left them in the oven a bit too long. I stepped away for a second and that’s all it took. So keep an eye on them once the 15 minute mark hits.

I love the rich purples in vegetables. This kale is beautiful.

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San Diego baby!

We went down to San Diago to hit Sea World and the zoo’s as well as see one of J’s good friends/family from San Fran. We all stayed at the Lafayette Hotel which was really nice. They got the bungalow while we opted for the poolside suite. They had a small apartment basically with an upstairs, downstairs and kitchen while ours had french doors that opened up to their heated olympic sized pool. One night we had the pool to ourselves for almost two hours, it was great. It did have a (as much as I hate the word) hipster vibe and was somewhat of a party scene at times. They had zumba by the pool one day. Movies by the pool one night and on weekends they open the pool to the public from like 12 to 6. I hear it gets pretty packed.

My favorite part of town was a little area called University Heights. It was basically where the closest coffee shop was, Twiggs bakery and Coffeehouse. Man, their sticky buns were AMAZING. The people in front of me as well as behind all ordered one. I went to Twiggs a couple times during our visit. There were also many little restaurants in that area so we hit it up as a family one evening for dinner. We ended up at Bahn Thai. It was good and the prices were great. There were lots of folks waking around and eating outside. The weather was, perfect. We hit a vintage shop next door and I got some sunglasses.

At the Thai place Z changed J’s iphone wallpaper to a funny picture she had in her camera roll so when she went to check something BAM! J is cracking up after noticing the switch.

This dog was at one of the few tables outside the restaurant.

We got up on Friday and had a nice breakfast with Kate, Sean and the kids. Then we were off to the zoo. This is Sean’s gas burner toast. Kate made us some peanut butter an banana sandwiches to bring for lunch. I actually made another one this week after we got back.

Z and B.

We went to the San diego Safari Park on Saturday. It was about a 40 minute drive north to Escondido. On the way back to the hotel we swung by and checked out the ocean in La Jolla.

This awesome orange tree just popped out of all the green ones in the safari park.

Watching the waves crash was thrilling to say the least. Z was not expecting that first one and neither was I to be honest. Powerful stuff.

On our last day (Fathers Day) we went to Coronado beach. It has got to be one of my favorites. We had a nice window seat lunch in a cafe then walked to the beach. When we walked up to the waters edge we noticed that the sand/water looks like someone dumped a ton of gold glitter on/in it. I looked it up later and I guess it’s mica. Either way it was so cool. Z and I floated and body surfed for hours. We even saw a dolphin. I freaked at first thinking it was a shark. It may go down as one the best if not the best Fathers Day to date. I didn’t want to drive back home but I guess all good things must come to an end. We WILL be back San Diego.

Z love hunting for shells.

My first Fathers Day with our littlest.

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