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The playroom at the gym where I drop little Z has a couple of girls from Bulgaria Bosnia and Yugoslavia that call me the “cooker man” in a loud and thick accented voice when I walk in the door. That is almost always followed with “what are you cooking tonight cooker man?”. So I respond […]

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Pita bread pizza.

Easy peasy! Want a quick dinner, lunch, breakfast or snack. Grab a piece of (whole wheat) pita bread and top it how you wish. I didn’t feel like making a tomato sauce or opening a whole can of spaghetti sauce for a couple tablespoons so a little K&M barbecue sauce from Spring Hill, Kansas would […]

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Ba ba ba baba ganoush!

Baba ganoush, what can I say, it’s one of the best names for a food EVER. It’s so fun to say and even better to eat. We adore Mediterranean food in this household and Baba ganoush is the bee’s knees. Baba G is super simple to make, bake then blend. It’s light and refreshing with […]

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