Fresh Pasta from Scratch

Fresh Pasta from Scratch

Basic fresh pasta dough for reference. We’ve been going up to the local Italian place up the street for fresh pasta on Tuesdays so I decided to try it myself, this in not the first attempt by any means. This time it came out best. I’m thinking it may be that I actually use my hands for mixing the flour into the eggs. I could feel better and have more control and know when enough flour was enough. I didn’t use all the flour from the mound, but most. Came out great, kids loved, wife loved.

Fresh Pasta

Taken from this pasta book.

1 3/4 c. all-purpose flour
Pinch of salt
2 eggs, slightly beaten

Make a mound out of the flour and sprinkle salt over it. Make a well in the middle of the mound then pour eggs in well. Mix the eggs with your fingers gradually incorporating the flour. Kneed for about 10 minutes, till soft and smooth. Add some flour if its wet or add water if its dry. I usually don’t use all the flour it seems. Shape dough into a ball and let rest for at least 15 minutes. I use a pasta maker to roll the dough into a thin rectangle (setting 3 for linguini, thickness) then use the linguini attachment to cut pasta. You can also roll thin with a rolling pin and cut with a knife.

Boil in very very salty water for a few minutes. I also go by when its all floating at the top if thats actually a thing.

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