Mrs Tsk*

Momus has a tumblr an it goes by the name of Mrs Tsk*! I fell in love with his music around 2001 and quickly became a fan of his blog. More like a photo heavy memoir by this awesomely strange, eye patch sporting, world wandering artist/writer/musician. It was back when blogs were actually “web logs”, journals of everyday life. He was my inspiration to go buy a digital camera and start posting life on the internet (Momus’s life is far more interesting but mine is just as fulfilling). I love the fact that his new blogging outlet is through a tumblr account which seems to be more for posting photos and is designed to be easily updated. I’m hoping we see a lot more of him now. Either way this new/old staple of mine is now displayed in the blogroll to the right for easy access. Below are a few of the photos I swiped from the first few pages to give you a taste of this interesting fellow to say the least.

This is probably my favorite Momus song ever. I suggest you play this track while you browse the pics below.
Momus - Tinnitus

Momus spends most of his time bouncing around Europe and Japan. All make for interesting photos.

Had to post this one because it’s “my” bar. I do see the lowercase black b but I do often say my name is Bryan but the b is silent to those who mistakenly call me Brian.

The pic on the right is the set/stage from his most recent (music) tour. He preforms a lot in art gallerys as well. I was lucky enough to see him on his last american tour in Lawrence, KS.

The folklore behind these pink octopii in Japan is as bizarre as it gets really.

His outfits alone are so outrageously unfashionable they are borderline fashionable. Treat yourself to some Momus.

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