Tiny copper pine cones and pomegranates.

It fits J perfectly and her personality too.

This is one of the few little gifts I got J for our 7th anniversary. I’m cheesy in the fact that I strictly go by the traditional/historical gifts for that specific year. Seven years is copper or wool so I ended up getting a little of both. The copper pine cone necklace from Enchanted Leaves is super earthy/hippy. It arrived quickly and in a neato stamped envelope. The necklace was wrapped up in a little mesh bag and they also tossed in a little owl button. I’d recommend them to anyone looking for a nice gift for a loved one or yourself. Still waiting on the wools to arrive.

Our pomegranate tree is in full effect and we are enjoying the fruits of it’s labor. It was so cool to watch the growing process all year long. The beautiful red flowers actually turn into the fruit itself. I guess a lot of things fruit like this but it was all new to me.

Came across this band today No Joy. Song starts picking up about 0:40.

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