Cheese #3 (Cowgirl Creamery – Organic Buckaroo)

I went into whole foods to get cheese #3 today and met Michelle. She was a very nice and knowledgeable lady. I asked her to show me her organic cheeses so she started pointing out a couple of prepackaged items. I asked her about a cheese that was in a certain spot a few days ago and she said it was all gone and probably would not be brought back. She double checked and found out indeed it was not going to return to this particular store at least. I was sort of bummed because there are not a lot of organic cheeses to try and I just barely missed out on the one I had been eying. A few minutes later I started digging through some smaller pieces in the “about $3″ basket and there they were. The last two wedges of Cowgirl Creamery – Organic Buckaroo. I snatched them up and was on my way.

According to the Whole Story this cheese was made exclusively for Whole Foods for their 30th anniversary. Pretty cool. Not sure if it was a limited edition or if they may continue selling it at other stores. I personally hope they keep it around.

This cheese got the best reaction from J so far. I think I remember her saying “this is what cheese should taste like” and “how could you not like this cheese”, speaking to Z who did not like it and handed it back after the first taste. I too really enjoyed this cheese. I’m not nearly an expert so I won’t go into textures and hints of this and that. Hopefully on this family’s journey of cheese those nuances will become more apparent to us. Until then this is a pass or fail experiment and this one was two passes, one fail.

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