Roberto’s and a movie.

Roberto’s is a cheap and tasty 24/7 taco shop that seems to be on every corner of town. Of course there is one at the end of our block and every once in awhile we like to hop in the bug and grab some grub as a family. When we’re with Z she insists we dine in where you can always catch them chopping up fresh carrots or meat in their fully exposed little kitchen. Fresh and transparent, just like a kitchen should be. Well tonight Z had and unexpected sleep over so J and I ended up getting some chimichangas to go and renting a movie. We haven’t had the house to ourselves in ages. It was very nice but we want our Z back.

When we rolled up to the front of the place the sign was reflecting perfectly in the windshield. J’s my one and only shotgun.

These hidden camera photos from a haunted house had me cracking up. Here’s the flicker set with tons more.

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