BBQ potato salad.

My good good friend Chris came down from LA this week to visit. The first night we stayed up a little too late talking about food and cooking, you know man stuff. A lot of that talking was about grilling so a couple days later we’re lighting up the coals for a little backyard BBQ. First we had to hit Trader Joe’s for some special ingredients for his “BBQ potato salad” he was telling me about that first night. For some reason I couldn’t really imagine/get what he was saying about the sauce he was trying to explain so when he actually finished it I was like oh, I’ve made something like this before. These potatoes were so freaking tasty I couldn’t stop munching them. I don’t grill much for some reason but man that’s going to change. These were too delicious to not make again. Very simple and I love the name, BBQ potato salad, yup!

Potatoes on the grill getting all marked up.

The man, the myth, the instigator, Cruz.

The other side of the grill. Those portobellos were seriously awesome.

BBQ Potato Salad

Makes enough for four people. Thanks to my good friend Chris for this awesome recipe.

peanut oil, sea salt and fresh cracked pepper
8 medium organic red potatoes
1 lb. package bacon
rice wine vinegar
2-3 T. Dijon mustard

Start by frying the bacon and gathering all the fat/grease. While the bacon cooks start some water boiling in a large pot. Chop rinsed potatoes into bite sized pieces and boil somewhere between half done to almost done. Remove and pour out boiling water and add cold water to pot to stop potatoes from cooking any more. Toss strained potatoes, oil, salt and pepper in a large bowl and head for the grill. Cook potatoes long enough to finish cooking through, to get some nice grill marks on them, crisp them up a little and get that awesome grill flavor all over them. So turn here and there to get those wonderful grill lines.

While the potatoes are grilling add equal parts vinegar to the bacon fat/grease. Then add about 2 T. of the mustard and mix well. Voila, the BBQ potato salad sauce. Drizzle over portioned potatoes and top with crumbled up cooked bacon (if any is left from when it was cooked, it’s more like and appetizer you know? BACON!).

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