Topeka, Kansas.

Home on the range baby! Visiting mama Fifi’s house just outside Topeka, Kansas we ventured into the garden and picked some tomatoes, cucumbers and squash. Not sure where the okra came from, either her garden or maybe a neighbor brought them by, either way they were delicious. The corn we picked from the farm next door and it tasted amazing. J and I tried a bite of it raw when we first pulled up to the house and it was sweet as can be. Delbert, the farmer down the road and I shucked that *&%$ and were eating it with butter in no time. Mom fried up the okra and some pork bites and green beans she picked the day before. Some quick and tasty country cooking, though in Kansas so you don’t get off that easy. A nice big slice of cherry pie and vanilla ice cream to top it all off is how it’s done round here. J passed on the pork saving room for extra pie (wink).

This is the corn field next to my mom’s property. I never knew this but corn naturally produces just one ear of corn per stalk. Of course science and business has taught us that two is better than one so they have figured out a way to get each stalk to produce two ears. These luckily were the more natural one ear versions. To be able to tell if corn is ready to be picked for eating you pop open a kernel with you fingernail and if it has milk coming out it’s good to go.

Fresh cherry tomatoes from the garden. They were so good eating them right off the vine warm from the sunshine. mmmmmmm.

Cucumbers on the vine that were not big enough to eat yet but we had plenty humongous ones already picked inside. Temperature reached 106 degrees this day with a heat index of 113. Looks to me like even the cucumbers were taking cover in the shade of the leaves here.

Here’s the home style country cooking. Fry everything or bury it in butter. Love it! Very simple batter, just mix up some egg and soak whatever your going to fry in the eggs for a few minutes. Then roll in/coat with flour salt and pepper and fry it up! I acquired this awesome metal deep plate/bowl set from moms cupboards and the killer copper mixing bowl and colander (from the first picture in this post, top) at my grandmother Helen’s house.

What can we say? Y U M!

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