Strawberry Arnold Palmer.

My dad has been in town for the week and we’ve been going out as much as we’ve been eating in and everywhere we go he orders his Arnold Palmer. We’ve been doing a lot and hitting a lot of places and somehow we ended up at one of our favorite thrift stores. One of the items I’ve been wanting to get my hands on is an old school juicer. Like the one where you cut a lemon or orange in half and squeeze it over the little device with a half dome and the juice collects in the bottom. So what do you think I came across at the thrift store? An old handmade (like in a pottery class) juicer. I snagged it up without hesitation, perfect! J also picked up these awesome little strawberry glasses not knowing that as soon as we got home all this would come together so nicely. So I made my dad a strawberry Arnold Palmer.

Here is the awesome little juicer. How cool huh?

Strawberry Arnold Palmer

Makes about 4 big glasses.

3/4 c. fresh squeezed lemon juice, about 6 organic lemons
4 c. water
handful of fresh organic strawberries, about 6 big ones
1 c. turbinado sugar, blended into a fine powder
4 c. of your favorite iced tea

Juice lemons then strain juice through a fine strainer into a Pyrex dish until you get about 3/4 c. Hull and divide fresh strawberries then puree strawberries in food processor or blender (use a little bit of the water to help it puree a bit better and prevent it from sticking to the sides). Add strawberry puree, sugar, lemon juice and the rest of the water, and tea and whisk well. Strain again through a fine strainer to get out strawberry pieces and chill. Serve over ice.

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