Fresh strawberry malt.

Oh how we love malts around here and I don’t think any establishment can top one made at home. No matter where we buy a malt J says, it’s good but yours is better. One of the many reasons I love this woman.

Feeding this beautiful creature a strawberry malt by the pool has to make me the luckiest man alive. What a beauty! She’s also the one who got me that awesome vintage sundae glass from our new favorite antique store (Antiques at the Market) along with a super sweet and much needed rolling pin for fathers day. She knows me too well, while thrifting she thinks that would be great for one of Ryan’s foodie photos. I think this one has added benefits for her though, malts and sundae’s. Smart girl. I can actually see in her eyes that her evil plan had come together perfectly.

Fresh Strawberry Malt

Makes a couple decent sized malts/milkshakes

1/4 gallon good vanilla ice cream
1 c. whole milk (cream top if you can swing it)
hand full of fresh organic strawberries
3 T. malt, optional

Combine all ingredients into a blender and blend till smooth, serve immediately. Reserve one strawberry and cut from the tip to about half way to the top to garnish the rim of the glass.

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