I heart cookie cutters: Turkey burgers.

Shopping at Target the other day I came across this cookie cutter set of 101 cookie cutters. I wanted it the second I saw it but had to say to myself do I really need this. Nope, so I resisted the temptations, only to return the following payday and snatch em up. The possibilities are endless here, rice, desserts, pancakes, molds are great for shaping, stacking, layering, and designing/plating your dishes. I was making my favorite turkey burgers so thought, why not make them into fun shapes. Since these turkey burgers are good for your heart and made with love I figured the heart shape was appropriate. I also tried out the square and rectangle cutters which both came out great. The funny thing is that the last thing I have imagined using these cookie cutters for is cookies. You will see the foods on this blog taking a little more shape from now on.

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