Pita bread pizza.

Easy peasy! Want a quick dinner, lunch, breakfast or snack. Grab a piece of (whole wheat) pita bread and top it how you wish. I didn’t feel like making a tomato sauce or opening a whole can of spaghetti sauce for a couple tablespoons so a little K&M barbecue sauce from Spring Hill, Kansas would do me perfect right now. I topped it with goodies I had in the fridge, fresh grated parmesan, freshly crumbled feta, mixed medley cherry tomatoes, and fresh thyme. For sauce you could use anything you want really. White alfredo, buffalo sauce, pesto, nacho cheese, steak sauce, spicy mayo, hollandaise, and on and on…. It’s so easy to make just bake in oven till cheeses melt at around 400 degrees. Done now eat!

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