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Baked fries & poppy seed honey mustard.

These fries are easy to make and a healthy whole food snack. I tend to buy a bag of potatoes and eat some then end up wasting the rest (J loves to remind me of that every time I put a new bag in the shopping cart). I think it’s because potatoes seem to take […]

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Laap – ground turkey salad.

Laap is the national dish of Laos and is a healthy low fat, low carb, low calorie meal that tastes fresh and light. There aren’t many ingredients in this recipe so don’t skip any as they are all key. J not being much of a “meat” person lately was surprised at how much she liked […]

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Hitting the road running with Weight Watchers famous 0 point garden veggie soup!

So yesterday my good friend Shannyn and I got into a nice discussion about calories and weight watchers point system. During that conversation and looking at recipes we came across the famous Weight Watchers 0 point garden vegetable soup. She told me that I had to try it, so I did. I have to say […]

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