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Italian dressing.

Loved this mix! Italian dressing is the best marinade for tempeh but I had run out. That being the reason I went for homemade. I usually buy Italian dressing just for this reason (tempeh), not for salads. I really enjoy mixing up a bunch of spices to create an awesome seasoning be it for dressings […]

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Pizza again?

Actually, it’s been a while since we’ve had homemade pizza around here. I can’t go too long without pizza in my life so on our way home from church we stopped by Cugino’s Italian Deli and picked up some cheeses and root beer. I just wanted something somewhat quick so I went with a previous […]

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Awesome no rise no wait pizza dough, srsly.

Pizza again? Of course, and getting better every time. Most pizza doughs require you to start making your dough and hour to and hour and a half before you can even start cooking it. Wank, I’m hungry NOW. A friend sent me some recipes awhile back and I decided to dig this one up for […]

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