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Cheese #11 (Cheddar Wisconsin 3 year).

A classic cheddar perfect for crackers, nice and sharp just like I like it. J has always been a cheddar girl and this one had her singing. You can see in the photo how it crumbles in parts when you cut it, loved it. One thing I don’t like about though is it’s yellow color […]

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Back in the day my mom and I would mow lawns over the summers for extra money. My brother did it before me and the job was eventually handed down though there were times where we all three worked together. It was awesome for me as a kid because we would split the money 50/50 […]

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Nevada cookie.

Z was sent home with a recipe a few days ago for a “Nevada Cookie”. The deal was that the parents make the dough, a basic sugar cookie, and send it with their kid to school the next day. On day one they cut and bake it. On day two they decorate it whilst learning […]

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