Cheese #10 (Apple Smoked Gruyere).

I was talking with my older brother the other day and he was informing me that he liked the pictures I’ve been taking of different cheeses lately. I asked him if he read something in one of the posts (I forgot what it was) and he replied with “I only looks at the pictures”. Which means I can pretty much say anything I want here and he wouldn’t even have a clue. Like it was me who stole your Sex Pistols tape from your room back when we were younger (I’m sure I enjoyed it way more anyway). He went on to tell me he had been addicted to a certain cheese from Trader Joe’s, it was a Gruyere. Not sure which one/brand, heck, I’d never even heard of it before to be honest. So when I saw it snuggled in with the million-and-a-half cheeses at Whole Foods I had to grab it. At first taste I wasn’t sure but J and Z LOVED it at first bite. I mean really loved it. Cheese seems to be so subjective, different strokes for different folks I guess. I did end up liking it with crackers, it’s actually growing on me.

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