Cheese #4 (Fromager d’Affinois).

Next on our list was a cheese recommended by Michelle who works the cheese counter at whole foods. She actually had a little sign in front of as her employee choice. Fromager d’Affinois is like a brie but not technically a brie. It’s a double cream soft cheese with an edible rind and unlike some edible rinds this one is virtually undetectable. I would just spread it on the crackers rind and all. It spread so nicely it was like butter. We could have eaten the whole wedge in one sitting.

I mean look at this, its like a little piece of heaven on a cracker.

This is J’s wrapped up cozy on the couch snacking on some super awesome cheese.

J loved this one too. I think her exact word was “yummy”. I ended up warming our second round of tasting so it oozed a bit but she said she preferred it room temp. I could see her point but I liked it oozy too.

Couldn’t quit looking through this site today, poppytalk. It’s full of craft ideas, food recipes, weekend projects and more.

I want need this.

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