Lentil soup.

Love those cheap little lentils.

Lentil soup is something I always take at least a small bowl of when we hit the Indian restaurant. I usually keep it to a minimum since its pretty filling and there a many other Indian dishes I enjoy more but, I do like a couple bites at least because there’s just something about those cute little flat circular beans that is so wonderful. I’ve been planning our weekly meals lately and have been trying to get in a couple soup/stews every week while the temps are cooler and perfect for warm hearty soups. J wont even come close to ’em during the summer so I MUST take advantage of the season. Ive never cooked lentils before so this was an new experience. One of the reasons I was down with trying them out was the fact that you don’t have to soak ahead of time. They will cook up right in the soup in about 35/45 minutes. I did forget to rinse mine (please don’t do this) and it added to the thickness/starch of the soup broth which in turn made me have to add more water which then in turn lengthened the cooking time to beyond acceptability to two ravenous girls. So in the end I’m not sure if that’s what made the girls not like this soup so much but either way that was the outcome. The girls did eat it but never wanted seconds and when I asked Z if she wanted me to pack it in her lunch she said “No thanks”. I on the other hand quite liked it and enjoyed it several times after for leftovers but then again I’m also the only one who dishes up a little bowl of it when we go out too. FYI this is a French lentil soup not a Indian. Indian is just the only place I ever see lentil soup on the regular. So try it and decide for yourself but I can say do NOT forget to rinse your lentils first.

Lentil Soup

Recipe from Epicurious.

3 T. extra virgin olive oil
2 c. chopped organic onions
1 c. chopped organic celery stalks plus leaves for garnish
1 c. chopped organic carrots
2 cloves chopped organic garlic cloves
4 c. organic vegetable broth, or more
1 1/4 c. dry organic lentils, rinsed and drained
1 (14 oz.) can of organic diced tomatoes in juice
organic balsamic vinegar (optional), very much recommended

Heat oil over medium heat in large saucepan. Add onions, celery, carrots and garlic and saute till browning, about 15 minutes. Add broth, lentils and tomatoes with juice bringing to a boil then reduce heat to medium-low, cover and simmer for about 35 to 45 minutes until lentils are tender. Then transfer about two cups of soup (mostly solids) to blender and blend till smooth. Pour back into pan and season with salt and pepper and splash of the vinegar. Add more broth or water if its too thick for your liking. Garnish with celery leaves. Eat up!

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