Raw almond ginger sushi.

I wanted to post these sushi/nori rolls from Ani’s book so bad so I did a quick search to see if it’s already out on the internet to make sure I’m not posting her whole friggin book on my blog. Since Ani herself has a video posted of this recipe I figure it’s not gonna hurt anything. There is a second roll that J actually liked better from Ani’s book called the “save-the-tuna” roll (I like this ginger one better myself). Google it and you’ll find the recipe for that one easily as well. These raw rolls will kill your sushi cravings with a quickness. Between the two rolls it seems a lot of mix and match is possible so try these out and after that get creative and experiment with making your own combos. Use cashews instead of sunflower seeds or use sunflower seeds instead of almonds (they’re cheaper) or use different spices and fillings. Come up with your own unique rolls and pates and enjoy!

This pic was taken in the backyard of our new place. The bamboo seemed appropriate.

In the “save-the-tuna” rolls (not shown here) you mix in the pulp from juiced carrots for a tuna-like texture and dulse flakes or crunched up nori wraps to add that ocean flavor. Great ideas to trick the palate.

Raw Almond Ginger Sushi

This recipe is from a new book I picked up called Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen, by Ani Phyo. Makes two huge rolls, serves two as a meal or four as a appetizer.

Ingredients (almond ginger pate)
1 T. raw organic ginger
1 clove raw organic garlic
1/2 t. sea salt
1 c. raw organic almonds
1 c. raw organic cashews
3 raw organic lemon
1/4 c. spring water
Ingredients (sushi)
2 sheets raw nori (sushi seaweed wraps)
1 batch of almond ginger pate (above)
1/2 t. sea salt
2 c. raw organic spinach
1/2 raw organic carrot, shredded lengthwise
3 raw organic lemon
1 c. raw organic mung bean sprouts (or any sprouts you have)

Give the garlic, ginger and sea salt a good whirl in your food processor. Add in the almonds and give another good whirl. Pour in the lemon juice and again with the good whirling. Scrap down the sides and whirl some more adding enough spring water to make a nice paste/pate consistency. That’s it for the filling! Now just lay out your nori wraps and divide spinach between the two rolls, divide the pate between the two rolls as well as the carrots and sprouts. Roll em up, keep em tight! Run your finger along the final edge of the nori wrapper with some spring water on it to help the nori stick. Cut into eight pieces and serve with Nama Shoyu, a raw organic soy sauce (can be found at whole foods market).

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