The fresh organic green beans have been looking so good at the store lately I can’t resist picking up a carton. When I get home I figure out what I will do with them. Last time it was Chinese buffet style but this time it’s succotash. Love the word, never really knew what it was. Now I do and I love it. Super simple and tasty, it just feels healthy to eat it. When the edamame beans and corn mix in your mouth it has a wonderful buttery taste. I altered the ingredient ratio because I only had so many edamame beans to work with so I had to make up for them with extra green beans. I think this is one of those recipes you can just eyeball after you’ve made it once. You could even simplify it down to one cup of each vegetable, two tablespoons of olive oil, salt and pepper and there you have it. Succotash, you can learn more here if you’re a major dork.

We served this succotash on the side of some broiled rainbow trout with some thinly sliced roasted zucchini for the other side. A lot of great quality veggies here. J and Z actually love/freak out for these roasted zucchinis. I would have never imagined it, but I’m loving it.


I got this recipe from an awesome book I’ve been reading and think everyone should check out. It’s called Simple Food for Busy Families: The Whole Life Nutrition Approach By Jeannette Bessinger, Tracee Yablon-Brenner. I won’t go into how great it is now but let’s just say it’s crazy informative.

We halved this recipe and had enough for two adult sized portions and one kid sized.

3 c. fresh organic corn
2 c. fresh organic edamame (soy beans)
1 c. fresh organic green beans
2 T. olive oil
1/8 t. paprika
sea salt and fresh cracked pepper

Head oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Cook for a few minutes to mix and thaw. Cover and cook on low until veggies are hot but not mushy. Add paprika, salt and pepper.

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