Creamy cheesy pasta sauce with broccoli.

So I got Jamie Oliver’s book Jamie at Home: Cook Your Way to the Good Life in the mail the other day. I couldn’t wait for it to arrive once I ordered it and wow did it come fast. I ordered it on Wednesday and it was at my doorstep by Friday. The book I can’t say enough good things about. It’s totally up my ally and my way of thinking. First off its a beautiful hardcover book with a fabric-like cover and a nice glossy photo glued on top. The layout, colors, typography, and illustrations are wonderfully refreshing and earthy. The recipes always call for using sea salt, free range eggs and meats as well as organics. I sometimes feel preachy when I say to use those ingredients here (DG) but I do it anyway because of a sort of activism I truly believe in. It’s what goes into our body’s (Our lovers, kids and friends as well. Us being the cooks it up to us, they just eat what we give them.) and only nature can make the perfect ingredients, not the science lab. He preaches about growing food in your own garden for the freshest ingredients around as well as touching on factory farming of chickens etc. He gives tips on how he grows his veggies at the end of each section, which are broken down by ingredient, like potatoes, eggs, asparagus, etc. Each of those chapters fit into four main sections of the book which are the four seasons. So spring has recipes with ingredients that are “actually in season” and so on. We get a little confused I think when we go to the supermarket and everything is available when really it’s not. It was just shipped from the other side of the world for us to have it. No bueno folks. I could go on and on but this book is super rad. Pick it up on amazon and it will be $10 bucks cheaper than borders or what not including the shipping. Book or no book I really enjoy Jamie Oliver’s principles and views. Peace out!

Creamy Cheesy Pasta Sauce Broccoli

Makes 4 servings. Recipe from Jamie Oliver’s book Jamie at Home: Cook Your Way to the Good Life.

1 c. creme fraiche (I used heavy cream but a better substitute would have been sour cream or a mix of 1/2 c. sour cream and 1/2 c. whipping cream)
5 oz. sliced fontina or other nice melting cheese (I used a few cheddar cheese stick)
5 oz. freshly grated Parmesan cheese
sea salt and fresh ground black pepper
1 lb. purple sprouting broccoli
2 large free range or woodland and organic eggs
a small bunch of fresh herbs, marjoram, oregano or thyme tips. (I used what I had which was fresh thyme and basil)

OK so this is a fun one to make. First find a mixing bowl that will sit in/on top of a pot of boiling water. When you find those two items start to bring some water with a little sea salt to a boil in the pot (make sure the water is low enough to not touch the bottom of the mixing bowl you are going to rest on top). Set mixing bowl on top and add creme fraiche, fontina, Parmesan cheese, sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper. These will start to melt into a beautiful ozie goodness. This will take a few minutes but won’t take as long as you might think, stir occasionally. Now wash and cut the stocks off the broccoli cutting the bigger pieces in half lengthwise, set aside. I used Trader Joes lobster and cheese fresh ravioli which only takes 5 minutes to cook. You can choose any fresh pasta your little heart desires. Open package and set aside.

Now the fun part, once the cheese sauce is melted and the water is boiling were ready to finish it up. Remove the bowl of melted cheese and creme and set aside. Quickly toss the broccoli and noodles into the boiling water and cook for 3-5 minutes depending on your pasta. Crack the two eggs into the cheese sauce and mix well. The eggs will cook into the sauce using just the heat from when it was cooking a few seconds before. Mix well. After pasta and broccoli are done strain saving a little of the water to add to the sauce later. Dump the pasta and broccoli into the creamy cheese sauce and mix together. At this point you can add some of the pasta water if needed. Plate and grate a little more Parmesan cheese over top and serve. Dang that’s good!

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